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VOG Group

IMGRO has been a subsidiary of VOG AG since 2000. VOG AG was a limited liability company until 1991, when it became a stock corporation operating a total of 12 subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries. Seven associated enterprises are based in Austria, with six based abroad. The entire capital stock is held by five partners from Upper Austria.


Where it all comes together

Company headquarters

The overall Group is managed from head offices in Linz (Upper Austria). Here the traditional (central) management tasks are performed for most businesses, thus keeping the organisation lean. A modern EDP system facilitates planning and monitoring for the Group.

Purchasing, sales and export

For both domestic and foreign subsidiaries, the purchasing of international products is pooled at corporate headquarters in Linz. This produces advantages as regards conditions and logistics for companies under the VOG Group umbrella.

The new export markets are overseen from Vienna with the aim of establishing successful IMGRO and VOG brands abroad, conforming to specific customer needs and market conditions and prompting further growth.

Packdienst Mautern

Founded in 1971, VOG AG acquired the company from Mautern (Styria) in 1975. VOG AG has been dealing with raw materials, which differ according to their origin, grade and quality, since the 1920s. The grinding and roasting of imported dried fruit takes place in Mautern: only in this way can the high quality of products be guaranteed.

Alongside the modern packing plant and high-bay warehouse, there is a cold warehouse and a roasting plant on the site. Efficient packing processes and modern logistics also facilitate the handling of short-notice orders.

In line with modern-day requirements, needless to say, this enterprise is IFS-certified. In addition, certificates for organic and Fair Trade products enable us to respond to the wishes of customers with flexibility.

As in all our activities, we never rest on our laurels. We also aim to consolidate our strong position as a market leader through optimisation and innovation. Our latest project involves the reinstallation of a disinfestation system at our packing plant, thanks to which we will also be able to offer organic quality baking ingredients in the future.

100% pure rapeseed oil

Rapso Aschach Oil Mill

In taking over the Aschach Oil Mill in 1993, VOG consolidated its commitment to food production. The premium product for Aschach cooking oil production is RAPSO, 100% pure rapeseed oil developed in the context of a project with the Chamber of Agriculture for Upper Austria and Saatbau Linz. Since entering the market following the launch at Anuga 1995 in Cologne, RAPSO has achieved remarkable development at home and abroad. In 2019, more than 75% of overall production was destined for sales counters outside of Austria.

Success through quality

One reason for this is the unique added value which this product offers above and beyond the general, highly beneficial properties of rapeseed oil:

  • Rapso 100% pure rapeseed oil is the leading rapeseed oil brand in central Europe
  • The manufacture of rapeseed oil from 100% contracted cultivation ensures a GM-free product.
  • Oil is produced solely by means of a pressing process. Chemical solvents are not used in the extraction of oilcake.
  • On a physical level, the product-friendly cleaning process (refining) makes the oil an all-rounder in the kitchen, with no need for enrichment with artificial vitamin supplements.
  • Having the oil mill, storage tank and filling facility in a single location reduces transport times and counters oxidation of the high quality rapeseed oil.

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