Canned fruit

IMGRO GmbH has a very long tradition of preserved fruit, with only choice fruits of the very highest quality used in production. We have managed to achieve this – and meet the expectations of our clients every time – through collaboration with long-standing partner businesses.

As soon as fresh fruit is canned, it is preserved either in syrup (‘Beach Flower’ brand) or its own juice (‘Beach Flower with no added sugar’).

As one of a small number of suppliers, we were among the very first to expand our expertise through one-time niche products. This gave rise to the ‘Exotic’ product line. Today, our top selling items – in high demand across Europe – include such products as mango slices, lychees, figs and pear balls.


Canned vegetables

In this product group, we offer our customers the most common vegetable varieties. From Peruvian asparagus to specialities like beansprouts, we aim to meet all customer needs. Once again, we have assumed a pioneering role: we are continually expanding the range, steadily adding ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE products. In this way, we are moving with the times!

We present our highest quality vegetables under the D’Aucy brand, which leads the market in France – a powerful partner that has granted us exclusive distribution rights in Austria for decades.


Capers and delicacies

In this area we offer common products that are a firm feature of every kitchen. Of particular note are the excellent new organic capers and our range of antipasti filled with cream cheese – made in Austria!


Olives and olive oil

Years of experience and expertise have allowed us to build up a comprehensive range of olives for the retail and wholesale segments as well as industry, covering virtually every customer requirement in the process. The range is limitless, with everything from 150 gram jars to eight litre containers, products from Greece, Italy and Spain, varieties like Kalamata, Chalkidiki, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca and stuffed olives.

Olive oil is an extremely healthy and palatable product. True connoisseurs love to showcase their knowledge, using words like ‘fruity’, ‘peppery“ and ‘aftertaste’ (and many more) to describe the various oils, each of which has a taste of its own. In fact, an emotion-driven ‘world of olive oil’ has emerged alongside the world of wine in recent years.

IMGRO has been at the forefront of this development, having recognised the trend at an early stage. For many years, our range has included KORINTH, the high quality, extra virgin Greek olive oil brand. With the exclusive retail brand FILIPPO BERIO, we are able to offer the US and UK market leader in olive oils. This makes us your number one port of call when it comes to olive oil.


Fish and seafood specialities

This is the category that goes to the heart of IMGRO.
Our long-established brand ‘MAYFLOWER Gourmet Seafood’ brand covers all aspects of the range: anchovies from Peru, sardines from Portugal, Spanish squid, snow crab from Denmark and oysters from Korea are just some of our specialities.

Thanks to a strict company policy of sustainable fishing, we seek to align our products with the most resource-efficient and environmentally friendly fishing methods currently available. We are very proud of the fact that 80% of our product range is now certified with the MSC logo – a number that is rising all the time.


Nuts and dried fruit

The processing and sale of nuts and dried fruit is the core field of expertise of IMGRO GmbH. Since 1985, we have been providing the retail and wholesale sectors as well as the processing industry with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, crystallised fruit and ready fillings for use in the manufacture of cakes, pies and pastries.

The finest ingredients from select producing countries around the world are imported and filled in our IFS-certified packing plant. We utilise a wide variety of packaging options, including tubular bags, Doypacks and display packs; another area in which we are always seeking to meet the varying needs of our customers.

As in all our activities, we never rest on our laurels. We also aim to consolidate our strong position as a market leader through optimisation and innovation. Our latest project involves the reinstallation of a disinfestation system at our packing plant, thanks to which we will also be able to offer organic quality baking ingredients in the future.

IMGRO: Moving with the times

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